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Prevailing Wage Seminar
Presented by: Karen deMontigny, CFP

February 21, 2018   
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Free for ABC Members!

  • Executive Order 13706
  • Paid Sick Leave for workers on federal contracts
  • Review options with discharging fringe benefits
  • Reduce payroll taxes and costs on public work
  • Be more competitive and/or profitable on public projects
  • Prevailing wage-compliant 
  • Recognize additional incentive for company owners to set up a PW retirement plan
  • Illustrate compliant solutions designed to increase the amount of income that may be contributed by HCEs

Who should attend?
Business owners; partners; CFO; finance professionals; Office Managers; payroll managers 

Benefits of the Seminar:
Merit shop contractors have many challenges including skilled worker shortages, compliance and regulatory burdens and competitive industry pressures. How can a retirement plan help solve some of these challenges? Whether you are a smaller contractor considering offering a new program or looking for ways to benchmark the effectiveness of your current retirement plan, this discussion will provide ways to enhance the effectiveness of your efforts and context for your discussions and actions.

Press Bistro
110 Franklin Street
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