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Legal Resources

Members of Associated Builders and Contractors receive legal affairs services that are unequaled in the construction industry.  ABC's investment in a premier program advances the merit construction principles and results in a strong industry.  Resources are available on comprehensive labor relations, tactics for dealing union organization, Davis Bacon Act compliance, occupational safety and health regulations, and project labor agreement challenges.
  • Online resources include publications, videos, and attorney resources to serve members' immediate and long term legal needs.
  • ABC events provide members with an opportunity to learn about the impact of legal and regulatory issues on the construction industry.
  • ABC staff and general counsel follow the latest developments in laws and regulations and advocate for changes benefiting the industry.  ABC members rely on this resource.

Construction Law Newsletter

We are pleased to feature the legal Punchlist Newsletter, written by Jeffrey C. Bright, Esq., an attorney licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  For more information contact an Attorney at Harmon & Davies, P.C. 2306 Columbia Avenue Lancaster, PA 17603.
Please note:  This Newsletter is not legal advice.  Unlike this Newsletter, legal advice is specifically tailored to the facts, law, and objectives unique to each circumstance.

November 2015 Issue:  This issue discusses the retainage laws in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  It also provides a quick blurb on the housing market.

December 2015 Issue:  This issue discusses the differences between mediation, arbitration, and litigation.  It also provides a quick blurb on national construction spending year-to-date.

January 2016 Issue: This issue discusses the basics of litigation. What is really involved if you choose to take this path to settle a dispute?

March 2016 issue This issue discusses payment bond language and provides a quick blurb on recent residential construction economic indicators

Construction Legal Rights Foundation

ABC established the Construction Legal Rights Foundation to support precedent-setting legal efforts aimed at preserving and advancing the merit construction principles.  Since 1990, the Foundation has funded hundreds of cases in cooperation with ABC, ABC chapters and members.  In addition to legal cases, the Foundation funds ABC chapter campaigns to educate the public on the benefits of merit shop competition and the disadvantages of project labor agreements.
Application for funding are available online, and ABC staff are available to help members and chapters apply.

Chapter Attorney Program

ABC members can benefit from the ABC Chapter Attorney Program. Most ABC chapters partner with a local attorney to serve as counsel, and these attorneys often provide initial legal advice on a complimentary or reduced-fee basis to members.

Attorney Members Services

ABC's attorney members can deliver the best in legal services to their clients because ABC offers timely and relevant information on construction law.
  • The ABC Attorneys Conference is held each year, bringing together the legal community to discuss important legal developments in the construction industry.  Conference participants include members of the National Labor Relations Board, agency general counsel, administration and congressional leaders, and attorneys who report on the year's developments in the construction industry.
  • Online resources include the latest in legal cases and new laws on union organizing, project labor agreements, prevailing wages, job targeting, and apprenticeship programs.  News about the National Labor Relations Board and agency rule making are provided regularly.  Each year a special Salting Digest and the Labor Relations Fact File, the "industry bible" for labor relations law, is published for ABC members.
  • Networking is available for ABC attorney members in a variety of forums.  ABC offers a special email list service for attorney members and conducts conference calls when key issues arise.  In addition, ABC attorney members can attend ABC events throughout the year and meet with other members.  To improve networking, attorney members are listed in the ABC Attorneys Directory.