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As the safety and health of our workforce remains our No. 1 priority, ABC has compiled COVID-19 prevention best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as practical construction jobsite safety recommendations based on input from the ABC National Safety and Health Committee. This is for informational purposes only and does not eclipse any established local, state or federal guidelines. Please contact ABC National’s Safety team with any issues or concerns and, as this issue constantly evolving, to stay updated on information and recommendations from your local governments and health departments. We will also continue to add useable resources for the construction industry.

Federal Contractors - COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements
Guidelines for the Construction Industry to Address Worker Health and Jobsite Safety in Response to COVID-19
COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan
COVID-19 Project Orientation
COVID-19 Safe Reopening Package Template
The Safe and Healthy Construction Pledge
COVID-19 Workplace Safety Questions
HR Toolkit - The Employer's Guide to COVID-19
COVID-19 Recommended Best Practices
COVID-19 Tool Cleaning Protocols from Milwaukee
COVID-19 Daily Talk
Critical Employment Topics Related to COVID-19

Government Affairs
Construction projects have been ordered to shut down. We understand the need to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and protect public health; however, our industry is part of the supply chain and relied upon by many life-sustaining businesses required to remain open. ABC PA is concerned that broadly shutting down the construction industry will impact the ability of these critical operations to function.

ABC PA is working with our partners to share our concerns with Governor Wolf. Specifically, we are asking that the Governor further amend his order by declaring all construction be a life sustaining business, as many other states are doing. Please make your voice heard. The Voter Voice link is below, along with the press release sent March 20, 2020. Thank you!

ABC PA Advocacy Efforts
ABC PA: Voter Voice


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