The ABC Beam Club, established in 1966, recognizes ABC members who have displayed their commitment to grow the association with their ability to recruit quality members into the association. Beam Club members have made ABC the world's largest association of merit shop contractors and continue to be the foundation for the future of ABC and merit shop construction.

Individuals that sponsor five new members are automatically entered in the Beam Club. As that individual recruits and sponsors more new members, they move higher and higher into the ranks of ABC's greatest members and supporters.

National Recognition
Every year, ABC chapters nominate outstanding Beam Club Members for the National Beam Club Member of the Year. Seven of these winners receive recognition as Beam Club Member of the Year, for their region. From these seven, one is selected to be recognized as ABC National Beam Club Member of the Year. These awards recognize you for your recruiting efforts and are presented at ABC's National Convention.

Current Central Pennsylvania Beam Club Members:

Beam Club Level - 5+
  • Karen DeMontigny - Fringe Benefit Group
  • Keevin Larson - K.C. Larson, Inc.
  • Tom McKee - The Hartman Group
  • Stephanie Schmidt - Poole Anderson Construction, LLC
Merit Bronze Level - 10+
  • Michael Gaetano - The Hartman Group
  • Dan Hawbaker - Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Patrick Irwin - Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.
Merit Silver Level - 15+
  • Richard Kessel - Kessel Construction, Inc.
Presidential - 25+
  • John Niebauer - Earthmovers Unlimmited, Inc.
Presidential - 50+
  • Michael Fiore - Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.