Free Enterprise Alliance

To ensure the interests of its membership are widely known, Associated Builders and Contractors turns to the Free Enterprise Alliance.  Our public officials and voters are constantly making decisions that impact your company's ability to do business.  It is imperative they be informed about the effect their choices have on jobs, the local economy, and our industry.

The Free Enterprise Alliance is the issue-advocacy arm of ABC.  Its mission is to educate our members, their employees, elected officials and the general public about the issues important to open competition in America.

You support allows the Free Enterprise Alliance to continue responding quickly to issues critical to ABC and your business.  Whether it's a large scale education campaign or the need to mobilize on-the-ground teams to dispel false information, you support today will help protect the way we'll all work tomorrow.

Over the years, the Free Enterprise Alliance has financed, produced and/ or promoted:
  • The Halt and Assault campaign, which focuses on jobs, the economy and how intrusive government regulations stymie growth.  Learn more at 
  • The Free Enterprise campaign to educate Americans on how free enterprise and limited government are responsible for their jobs and prosperity.  Learn more at 
  • The ABC National Open Competition Committee, which fights federal government-mandated project labor agreements.Massive issue advocacy campaigns in Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • ABC Get-Out-the-Vote Travel Teams in the key battleground states of Missouri, Tennessee and Washington in 2006, Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire and North Carolina in 2008, Virginia in 2009, and Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2010.
  • REDMAP (REDistricting Majority Project), which helped flip at least 19 legislative bodies to Republican control and hold majorities in 10 of the 15 state that gained or lost U.S. House seats.
  • The Anti-Card Check campaign which led to the distribution of the Employee Free Choice Act toolkit.Right to Work ballot measures in Colorado, Iowa and Oklahoma.
  •, where members can register to vote and learn about candidates.