Up skill your workforce - craft training series

CARPENTRY I: 6 month training series filled with theory and hands-on instruction for entry-level laborers. Build your skills on the following: building materials,fasteners and adhesives,hand and power tools, construction drawings, floor and wall systems, ceiling joist and roof framing, basic stair layout, and building envelope systems.

CARPENTRY II: 6 month training series includes hands-on learning and theory about: commercial drawings, roofing applications, thermal and moisture protection, exterior finishing, cold-formed steel framing, drywall installation and finishing, door and door hardware, suspended ceilings, window, door, floor, and ceiling trim, and cabinet installation.

CARPENTRY LEVEL III: 6 month training series includes hands-on learning and theory about: properties of Concrete, Rigging Equipment, Rigging Practices, Trenching and Excavating, Rein-forcing Concrete, Handling and Placing Concrete, Foundations and Slab-on-Grade, Vertical Form-work, Horizontal Formwork, Tilt-Up Wall Systems, and Safety Components

CARPENTRY LEVEL IV: Short-term training course filled with theory, hands-on instruction, and safety components for advanced-level carpenters. Select one or more modules to attend! Site Layout - Differential Leveling and Angular and Distance Measurement, Advanced Roof Systems, Advanced Wall Systems, Advanced Stair Systems, Introduction to Construction Equipment, Introduction to Oxyfuel Cutting and Arc Welding, Site Preparation

ELECTRICAL LEVEL I: 3 month training series includes orientation to the trade, electrical safety, introduction to electrical circuits, electrical theory, introduction to the NEC, device boxes, hand bending, raceways & fittings, conductors & cables, basic electrical construction drawings, electrical services, and electrical test equipment.

PLUMBING LEVEL I: training series filled with theory and hands-on instruction for entry- level plumbers. Build your skills on the following: plumbing profession, plumbing safety, tools in the plumbing trade, plumbing math and drawings, plastic, copper, cast-iron, and carbon steel pipe and fittings, plumbing fixtures, DWV System, and water distribution systems. 

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