Membership application


Membership with ABC offers a contractor many benefits and services. For some, the philosophical aspect of ABC is what attracts them. For others, it's the belief in the Merit Shop Philosophy and the right to conduct their business as they see fit. ABC membership not only offers the ability to network and make new contacts but provides a voice for Free Enterprise. ABC actively seeks legislation that promotes fair and equal access to business for all. ABC monitors political activity and apprises our members of the impact on their businesses. ABC conducts safety training and education courses. We also provide apprenticeships and craft training. Membership in ABC is also FUN. Throughout the year we offer many social events that often include our families. Our directory/users guide offers you a great opportunity to market your company and its services. Your participation in committees and events directly relates to how much you will gain from this organization. The more involved you are the more you benefit from your membership. Doing business with other members is not only beneficial and cost effective but ensures that the Merit Shop Philosophy will continue to be strong and grow.


Membership with ABC offers numerous and productive opportunities for networking and marketing your product and/or service. Your participation in committees and events greatly enhances and increases your interaction with prospective clients. Being a member of ABC also helps keep you informed of issues that are of concern and impact your clients. Understanding the way they do business and the constraints they work under can make you key in assisting them to be more successful. Whatever type of business you’re in, membership with ABC will surely increase your own success.


Membership with ABC offers a wide spectrum of clients to offer your products to. Members very often comment, “ I always look to do business with, and buy from, fellow ABC members.” Being connected is vital to success. Being a member of ABC connects you with a large number of contractors whom at one point or another will need to get the supplies that you sell. Be at the right place at the right time. Be an ABC member. 

Membership Application