Safety Training Evaluation Process - STEP
What can we learn from more than a billion hours of work? How to achieve world-class safety. ABC analyzed the incident rates of members who participated in the 2017 Safety Training Evaluation Process and found that STEP can help the best-performing contractors achieve remarkable safety performance - more than six times safer than the industry average.* That's what we call world-class safety.

Our members can speak to the power of STEP and its impact on creating a culture of safety that believes every incident is preventable.

*ABC 2020 Safety Performance Report,

Safety is a core value - with STEP, you can build upon it!

  • Organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs
  • The Key Component system forms a 20-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a company-wide safety program
  • Incorporates lagging indicator safety performance data with leading indicator use and self-assessment requirements to give a full, wide ranging report on the entire nature of a company's Safety Program
  • Designed to benefit both large and small contractors alike
  • Recognition for ABC members at both National and Chapter level, with various recognition events held throughout the year
  • Gateway to Accredited Quality Contractor recognition
  • STEP Diamond and Platinum recipients eligible for ABC National Safety Excellence Award.
  • STEP data shows STEP participants beat BLS national averages in all lagging indicator performance metrics, leading to participant benefits in the pre-bid/bid process and when negotiating insurance rates.

To apply for STEP, please click here to complete the online application or download the paper application.